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Fingerprint sensor stopped working after 7.1.2 update. Tried Safe boot also.

I just updated my phone to android 7.1.2 and suddenly i see that fingerprint sensor is not working to unlock the phone.
I tried with safe boot, even factory resetting didn't help
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John Bowdre
Hey Himanshu,

Did you receive an error message like "fingerprint hardware unavailable" when trying to unlock with your fingerprint? 

Have you made sure that the sensor and your finger are both clean and dry? A tiny bit of debris can interfere with the reading.

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Yes that message appeared only once while unlocking the phone. Then I deleted all my fingerprints and tried to add fresh fingerprints. Since then I am getting the message mentioned above
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John Bowdre
Have you tried going to Settings > Moves and enabling the Swipe for notifications option? I'm curious if that works - which should be a clue to whether or not the fingerprint sensor hardware is working at all.

*fingers crossed*
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yes its working :)
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There is an observation, the swipe features works when i enable it and restart my phone. now when i try to add imprint and nothing works(not even swipe gesture). Again when i restart the phone. Its working
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Penelope R
Hi Стас Ханин.

Please see the pinned thread HERE the initial thread of which contains all the information we currently have regarding 5X 'phones that are either stuck in a bootloop or that refuse to charge or turn on.

Please note:  
Unfortunately unless you're able to turn on your 5X, there's nothing we can offer in the way of software troubleshooting. You could try the suggestions in the Help Centre  HERE but if unsuccessful you should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible to enquire about a discretionary repair that will depend upon how recently your warranty period expired, the overall condition of your handset and the availability of necessary replacement components. 

If your 'phone is still within the initial warranty period, you should contact the place from where you purchased it.

If the 5X was purchased in an EU Member State, the mandatory initial warranty period is two years.

Warranties and Google Support are valid only in countries where the 'phone was originally released and if sold via an authorised retailer:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United States, United Kingdom

If purchased in a supported country but then removed to a location that is unsupported, warranty and support will be unavailable.

If purchased from the Google Store, you can make contact HERE.

Regards, Penny
Nexus Help Centre HERE

Note: As this is a user to user forum staffed by volunteers, no one here is able to comment on or intervene in matters of contract between purchaser, retailer or manufacturer.



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