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Nexus 5 Microphone Issue

Hey, i recently purchased a Nexus 5 from the playstore. Everything is working fine except for the calls. When im standing or walking or even sitting, the other perwon can hear me clearly but when i lie down or any position like that, the people can barely hear me. This is very disturbing for me as i wasnt expecting this issue. Call is a basic thing which a phone provides and if that doesnt work properly then it is a big flaw. Is this a hardware or a software issue?
My bootloader is unlocked and i have rooted my n5 aswell but running the stock software.
Please help me out here, i dont want to give away this phone.
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Yanek Saunders
Yanek Saunders
Same here. I'm not quite sure if there is a means of fixing the problem.
John Crolley
John Crolley
having same issue. when reclined in a chair people say that I sound far away, if i sit up no problem. I have had my phone since the middle of December and this problem just started. I know it is not a signal issue because I can plug in a headset and there is no problem.
I have this problem too, its really frustrating and I think it has something to do with the extra (noise isolating?) mic on the top of the phone.
Himanshu Singh Adobe
Himanshu Singh Adobe
I have the same issue, when I call someone, listners have been complaining of low volume and unclear voice. Any solutions?
Google user
Google user
I am also facing the same issue. The new Nexus 5 with upgraded hardware don't have such problems.
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Chinmay Pathak
Chinmay Pathak

Actually helped. And mic on my nexus 5 is working now. But google/lg should actually think about this.


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