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David Dobrowski

Google Now Reminders "Can't reach google at the moment"

Since the update to Google app, I can no longer set reminders. I just get an error message with a grey exclamation point and a message saying it 'reminder not set can't reach Google at the moment'. I'm on 5.0.1 on a nexus 5. I can see some people a year ago with this error, but nothing recently. I've tried clearing the cache, rebooting, turning off Google now and then turning it back on. The problem persists. Any ideas out others with the same problem?

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Dinesh Prasanth
Dinesh Prasanth
Hi there,
You can go to settings > Applications > all running > Play services. Click on "force stop" on all services. Also "force stop" play store. Click OK on Amy prompts. Now try syncing.
Let Me know if this helped.
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David Dobrowski
I tried force stopping all of the play services and the google app services.  I still am getting the same problem message. Thanks for the suggestion.
Mikael Spade
Mikael Spade
I just want to say that the same issue is afflicting both my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. Rebooting has not helped, and I oddly enough can set reminders through the desktop, and then see them pop up on my phone and tablet, but not add any new ones through them.
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David Dobrowski
Thanks for adding in.  I too can set reminders from my desktop and they appear on my phone in as a google now card.  As a substitute,  I can use keep to set reminders  It is not as seamless, and it can't be done all orally, but at least it is something.
Travis Rebello
Travis Rebello
My girlfriend's phone is doing the same thing. Galaxy Note 3, same issue since the update.
Her phone can connect to Google to see her current reminders, but she cannot add a new one. Generic cannot reach Google at the moment error message when she obviously already has connected.
I have tested on Wi-Fi and mobile data with the same results. Also tried rebooting phone, cleared Google Search cache, reverting to an old version via uninstall updates (this just simply made the reminder crash the app).
I rarely post on forums such as this but I haven't seem to find a solution yet, much to my surprise.
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What I found helped me was just deleting my card preferences.  Once I did that, I didn't get the error message.  I had to set up my card preferences again, but not a major deal for me.  I'm on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

1.) Go into Google App
2.) Settings
3.) Now Cards
4.) Delete card preferences


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