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Nexus 5 sometimes doesn't ring when people are calling it

Several people are having issues where the Nexus 5 doesn't ring when someone calls it. The caller will hear the phone ringing and it will eventually go to voicemail, but the phone itself doesn't even know someone is calling (no missed call notification or anything). Yes, the phone has signal and can even make outgoing calls just fine. It appears to be happening on several carriers, although I am personally on Sprint. I have tried a hard reset and the problem remains, a simple reboot fixes it till it happens again (a few days later). 

Here is a link to a thread where others are having the same problem:

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This happens a few times a day sometimes, and can only be corrected by rebooting the phone. I reported this issue via phone to Google over a week ago, and they told me they were un aware of any issues like this. Time for them to make a fix. I paid my money so now I want a fix or a new phone.
Any update on a fix?
Google user
Google user
I'm having the same issue. Its not just calls. Its any communication through the cell part of the chip. if you have internet, it works fine.
Google user
Google user
I've been missing calls quite frequently with my Nexus 5. I am with Sprint in the NYC ALU area where we do not suffer from the eCSFB issue.
I hope Google fixes this issue since this is a big deal breaker for someone who needs a great RF performer from a phone; not just for data but
also to receive calls!

(Nice to see other s4gru people on here)
I'm having the same problem.. Even with LTE disabled. I notified Google yesterday and was told by the rep. that it was a Carrier Network issue and not an issue on Google's end. I'm not buying that one.
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Chris Mennie
Chris Mennie
I am not sure this will help. Try it and see. I had the same issue and found that after the last system update, I could not receive incoming calls. I went into settings, sound & notification, interruptions, and checked that the calls section is toggled on.
After I toggled this on, I have not missed a call.
I hope this works for you all!


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