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Sam Wanner

TalkBack won't turn off

I turned on TalkBack, then went to the home page, and now it won't let me pull down the tab in order to get to settings, or scroll through the apps page. Is there any other way I could turn it off? It's really annoying if you don't need it and slows down the system!
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The same way you turned it off.

Since you are having trouble going through the app page please try the following. 

Reboot your device.
Try going to settings through the app page. If you still can't do this use Talkback to do this.  Settings > Accessibility > Talkback off (or press)

Let us know how far you managed to get. 

when you get to the settings menu scroll down using 2 fingers. Took me forever to figure out how to turn It off too.
Bryan Blankenship
Bryan Blankenship
Thank you BRussell. One sentence you posted cleared it right up. I haven't messed with gestures at all and usually have no need to use two fingers.

The previous answer was a lesson in futility. "Same way you turned it off", yeah. It's not on by default when you take it out of the box, so it was never turned on to begin with, ever. "troubles going through the app page", do the obvious, "Try going to settings through the app page..."  Reboot doesn't help that one bit.

Anyway, thanks. I had some issues with this thing yesterday and had to do a partition cache clean, then reset all my defaults. So I hit a wrong setting that turning it on and could not scroll down on settings. Now I know.
Thank you BRussel =)... real life saver. That darned function had me crawlin up a wall!
Oh my god, thank you, I was going to throw my phone out my car window again. Nobody except you knew how to do this, I crown thee genius.
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Eric Brotman
Eric Brotman
Easy fix.  Double tap the green box that lights up on an option. Double tap real fast and you can navigate to accessibility settings and turn the damn thing off. The key is hitting a super fast double tap.


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