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Brendan Le Glaunec

[Nexus 5] GSM Signal problems even with 4.4.2

Hi, I have my Google Nexus 5 since maybe two or three weeks now, and since I have it I had many problems with signal loss.

Sometimes I am texting people, and suddenly I don't have any GSM signal. The only solution I found is to reboot. So I tried to find from where the problem could come, and discovered that the first Nexus 5 users had the same problem and that it was corrected in the 4.4.2 version.

The thing is, and I checked it, that I am currently on the 4.4.2 version, and I still have this problem... Since I mostly use my phone to send and recieve text messages, it is a really important problem for me.

What should I do?

Thanks a lot and sorry if I missed something obvious! :- )

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Justin McMullen
Justin McMullen
There is another thread about the no signal issue. An LG customer service rep says LG will push out an update to address the issue sometime January 2014.
Ray Titan
Ray Titan
I use AT&T. Will lose signal on phone call more than 1 hr. Hang up and no signal. Signal come back in 10-20 seconds or have to turn on and off airplane mode.

Also SOUND problem!!!!! Cheap LG why not good quality speaker
Google user
Google user
Thanks for passing!
Ashley Heath
Ashley Heath
Just wondering if anyone has heard any more on this?
Mike AFO
Mike AFO
1 day left!  lol? ;)

On a serious note, I had to call Support yesterday.  NFC failed and would not work at all.  Safe boot, reset - still no dice.  Support indicated to me they had 'heard' of the signal issue before however the call volume was not substantial.  That if it were a 'widespread issue' Google would treat it as such and address it immediately.  When I referenced all of the threads on the product forum and the numerous reports from customers both inside and outside of North America, he didn't have anything to add.  When I asked if he were aware of an imminent patch from LG, he said no - he was not aware of anything.  He even went so far as to suggest that because I read about the signal issue on the internet, then I may be 'seeing' that as an issue with my N5 although it could be something completely different (i.e. carrier issue, SIM card, APN, etc.).  REALLY?  So, in the end, I laughed it off and told him to send me a replacement.  Replacement is due to ship by 1/31 and I chose overnight delivery (at Google's expense).  

On Thursday, January 30, 2014 11:31:03 AM UTC-8, Ashley Heath wrote:
Just wondering if anyone has heard any more on this?
Mike Olson
Mike Olson
Do you have a link to that thread? 
Simon Hatley
Simon Hatley

Same problem as everyone else. Got another phone from google rma . Ran both phones simultaneously and both had same problems tried every combination of of 2g 3G 4g without success. Unable to regularly make receive call or send text messages plus keep getting annoying emergency calls only screen. Tried factory resets, updating software, everything recommended on line bar rooting as is still within warranty.
At one point I had 2x nexus 5 and my old galaxy s3 running all on Vodafone uk. Results were nexus time without signal 30-40% galaxy s3 time no signal 4-10%. Have screen grabs as evidence and took readings for a week trying to solve issue without success. Time to send nexus back and get a phone which works without resetting or airplane mode switch. Losing business as result of missing calls & tired of carrying two phones around with me - Vodafone contract and payg (nexus diverting to s3 when no signal) The most annoying thing is having two bars of signal showing and still being unable to make calls. See my youtube videos search nexus 5 connection issues/problems.
REALLY REALLY WANTED THIS PHONE TO WORK as upgraded router for ac wifi, phone cases & screen protectors thankfully was able to send back wireless charger. Hope google will admit problem or produce a fix or I fear my credit card company will be fighting for my money back for a product which is not fit for purpose.
Ultimately I think this phone is fine if you live in a city, if you are on the fringe of cell reception it simply refuses to reconnect without user intervention, however what has to be remembered is I never had this problem before with HTC desire or galaxy s3.


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