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Just bought a Nexus 6P and noticed that Gmail notifications are not arriving

I came across a weird issue recently with my 6P: Gmail isn't syncing quickly or notifying me of new emails.

I'll send a test email to myself and the 6P never notifies me of the email, even after many hours. Contrarily, my Nexus 9 and old OnePlus One sync notify me just fine. I set up the Gmail settings the same say I have it on both of those devices and have made sure that sync is in fact on. It won't sync without a manual refresh.

Here's what I've tried:  

  • Removed my Google account and readded
  • Removed my Gmail account and readded
  • Gone through Gmail settings to make sure that notifications are on, sync is active, managed labels
  • Gone through the Google account to make sure that Gmail sync is on
  • Restarted
  • Uninstalled updates to Gmail from the Play Store
  • Reinstalled updates to Gmail from the Play Store
  • Force Stopped Gmail
  • Cleared data from Gmail
  • Cleared cache from Gmail
  • Removed it from optimized apps

I'm using a 64 GB Frost White Nexus 6P. I do not have my SIM card yet (only Wi-Fi). Perhaps that's the issue? It also seems to possibly be a Marshmallow issue with Gmail. 

Some others with the 6P seeem to have a similar problem:



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OK lets try to help figure things out..  So notifications work right?  It just takes a certain amount of time for them to arrive?

How much time?
Does it happen during a specific time?  (like when phone is placed on a desk)

I noticed mine don't always arrive the instant an email arrives but I think it's due to my 6P being on my desk a lot, therefore going into Doze mode.  You may disable Doze for Gmail but if Gmail uses another service that is optimized, then that could be the reason.

As we are learning day by day with Marshmallow, we do discover new things that pop up like this.  I'll be testing this a bit more and come back with my findings.


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Hello and thank you for a response,

The problem is that, no, notifications do not arrive unless I open up the Gmail app and slide down to refresh (or open up the settings, go to accounts, go to google, then uncheck and check gmail) to get the new emails to push to my device. All notifications from other apps work properly. 

It happens all the time no matter if my device is on a desk or being used in my hand. It's really weird and has me considering that I should return my Nexus 6P while I still can now. 

I've already disabled "optimization" on Gmail, but I decided to disable optimization on Google Services Framework as well to see if that helps. 
Oh snap..  OK none get delivered.  Hmmmm...

OK re-enable all optimizations and try the below steps.

This will not wipe any data.

  1. If your phone is on, turn it off.
  2. Press & hold the Volume Down and then press & hold the Power button at the same time until the phone turns on. You'll see the word "Start" with an arrow drawn around it.
  3. Press the Volume Down button twice to highlight Recovery mode.
  4. Press the Power button to start Recovery mode. You'll see an image of an Android robot with a red exclamation mark.
  5. While holding the Power button, TAP the Volume Up once and then release Power button, then a menu will appear.
  6. Use the volume buttons to scroll to "wipe cache partition" and press the Power button to select it.

Note: This process can take up to 10+ minutes to complete.

I also wanted to say that it was easy to read your post, nice write up!  :)



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I just wiped the cache partition and it did not help. I still do not get any notifications. Again, all my other devices received a Gmail notification when new mail arrived, but nothing on my Nexus 6P. This is really weird lol. 
D Purcell
D Purcell
I found this while searching for a solution to the same problem. Notifications are not being pushed to Nexus 6P (64gg/slate) for gmail.
731 MORE
Ryan Gleim
Ryan Gleim
I just started having this issue after updating to Android 7.1.1.  I've only had this phone for 3 days and I believe I have all the updates, so this is still happening.  Tried all the suggestions and possible solutions.  None of them worked.


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