Use caller ID by Google

This information applies only to devices running Android 4.4.

Caller ID by Google identifies inbound and outbound numbers - even for callers not saved as contacts in the People app.

Examples of caller ID categories include the following:

  • Businesses: Caller ID by Google displays the names of companies and services with a Google Places listing. If you’re a business owner and the name displayed isn’t accurate, you can fix it by updating the listing or creating a new one.
  • Global Address List: If you have a Google Apps account on your device with access to the domain’s global address list, caller ID by Google will also look for matches within your domain. Access to global address list data is managed by your administrator. Contact your domain administrator to make changes to your display data.
  • Google Account users (coming soon): Google Account users don’t need to have the Google Phone app for their numbers to be identified. In order for caller ID to display a name for a Google Account, the user must verify their phone number and has discovery turned on at

Note that numbers from caller ID by Google aren’t added automatically to your contacts, and the name and image will only appear for a limited time unless you save them.

Turn off caller ID by Google

To turn off this feature at any time, open the Phone app and go to Menu > Settings > Caller ID by Google, then slide the switch Off.