Manage or delete your Location History

Your Location History helps you get better results and recommendations on Google products. For example, you can see recommendations based on places that you've visited with signed-in devices, or traffic predictions for your daily commute.

You control what’s saved in your Location History, and you can delete your history at any time.

Note: Android isn't the same on all devices. These instructions are for devices running Android 8.0 and up. Learn how to check your Android version.

Turn Location History on or off

You can turn off Location History at any time. With Location History off, the places that you go are no longer stored. When you turn off Location History for your Google Account, it's off for all devices associated with that Google Account.

Turn Location History on/off using device settings (Android 2.3 & up)
  1. Find Google Settings in one of these places (depending on your device):
    • Open your Settings app Settings app and then Google.
    • Open a separate app called Google Settings Google Settings.
  2. Tap Location and then Google Location History for the account that you want to change.
Turn Location History on/off using a website
  1. Go to the Activity controls section of My Account.
  2. If asked, sign in to the Google Account that you want.
  3. To turn Location History on or off for your whole Google Account and all devices associated with it, click Location History.

If you use a work or school account, you could need to get access from your administrator.

Delete Location History

You can delete your whole Location History or only parts of it. If you delete your whole history, some apps may not work correctly.

Delete Location History using device settings (Android 2.3 & up)

IMPORTANT: Deleting your Location History in the Settings app is permanent. You can't reverse or undo it. Deleting your Location History may cause problems in some apps.

  1. Find Google Settings in one of these places (depending on your device):
    • Open your Settings app Settings app and then Google.
    • Open a separate app called Google Settings Google Settings.
  2. Tap Location and then Google Location History.
  3. At the bottom, tap Manage Activities. Your device will open Google Maps Google Maps.
  4. Tap More More and then  Settings.
  5. Pick how much Location History to permanently delete.
    • Delete all Location History:
      This permanently deletes all your Location History.
    • Delete Location History Range:
      This permanently deletes part of your Location History. You'll pick the start and end dates.
Delete Location History using a website

You can delete individual locations, locations by date or your whole location history on the Location History website.

  1. Go to and sign in to your Google account.
  2. Pick how to delete your Location History:
    • By date:
      To the right of the date that you want, click Delete Delete . 
    • By individual location:
      Pick a location from the list or map. Click More More and then Remove stop from day and then Remove. 
    • Entire history:
      Click Settings and then Delete all Location history.

Note: The Location History website isn't available in South Korea.

Usage & diagnostics for Location History

When you turn on Location History, you also let your device send diagnostic information to Google about what’s working and not working for Location History.

All usage and diagnostics information is used in accordance with Google’s privacy policy.

What information your device could share

Your device may send information to Google for improving Location History. For example, your device may send information when Location services aren't working properly.

Sent information could include:

  • Quality and length of your connections to mobile networks, GPS, Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth
  • State of your location settings
  • Restarts and crash reports
  • Apps used for turning Location History on or off
  • Battery levels
How shared information helps Google improve

Usage and diagnostics information can help improve Google apps, products and Android devices. For example, Google can use information to improve:

  • Battery life:
    Google can use information about what's using the most battery on your device to help reduce battery consumption for commonly used features.
  • Location accuracy:
    Google can use information from location sensors and settings to help improve location estimates for apps and services.

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