Add, modify, or delete users

To work with user settings, go to Settings  > Devices > Users.

Use this screen to share your tablet with family and friends. Each new user you set up here can use a separate space on the tablet with its own Home screens, accounts, apps, settings, and so on.

You can create up to eight users on a tablet. However, only three users can remain active at a time. The system inactivates the least recently active user when necessary to maintain this limit. An inactive user's account won't sync in the background. To make an inactive user active again, just switch to that user.

Each user’s image appears on the lock screen, along with the tablet owner’s. To use the tablet, touch your picture and unlock your own lock screen.

Add a user

To add a new user, you must be the tablet owner.

  1. Go to Settings > Device > Users.
  2. Touch Add user or profile.
  3. Touch User, then select OK.

At this point:

  • If the person is available, touch Set up now and ask them set up the Google Account and other details.
  • If the person isn’t available, touch Not now. A generic new user appears in the list. When you can hand over the tablet to the person for setup, touch the user image in Settings > Device > Users or on the lock screen.

Modify user info

From the Users screen, each user can modify their own image and info on the lock screen:

  • Change the picture: Touch the user name, then the image beside the local profile name.
  • Change the nickname: Touch Nickname.
  • Add or change additional text: Touch User info.

Delete a user

From the Users screen:

  • The tablet’s owner can delete any user’s space. To do so, touch the Trash icon beside the user’s name.
  • Other users can delete just their own space. To do so, touch Menu > Delete username from this device.

Switch users

Each user’s image and nickname appears on the lock screen, along with the tablet owner’s. To enter your own space, touch your picture and unlock the screen with your screen lock.

Alternatively, swipe down from the top right of any screen to open Quick Settings, and then touch your image near the top left. This returns you to the lock screen, from which each user can unlock their own space.