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Set up a screensaver

Your Android phone or tablet can show photos, colorful backgrounds, a clock, and more when your device is charging or docked.

Note: Some of this information may not apply to all devices because Android isn't exactly the same on every device. These instructions are for devices with Android 6.0 and up. See what version of Android you have.

Turn your screensaver on or off

  1. Open your device's Settings app Settings.
  2. Tap Display and then Daydream.
  3. At the top, tap the On/Off switch.

Set your screensaver

Step 1 of 3: Choose what your screensaver shows

In your device's Settings app and then Display and then Daydream, tap an option:


The Clock screensaver shows a digital or analog clock. To make your screen less bright, choose "Night mode."

To change your Clock screensaver settings: next to the clock option, tap Settings Settings.


The Colors screensaver shows changing colors on your screen.

News & weather

The News & weather screensaver shows top news headlines.


The Photos screensaver shows your pictures from the Photos app. You can pick folders from your device, or other photos from your Google Account.

  • To pick which photos to show
    Next to the Photos screensaver option, tap Settings Settings.
  • To pick photos from your account
    In the Photos screensaver option Settings, under "Google Accounts," tap your name.
  • Use Wi-Fi or cellular data
    By default, the Photos screensaver uses only Wi-Fi to load photos. You can change this in the Photos screensaver option Settings, at the top.
Other apps

If you've downloaded an app that works with the screensaver, you'll see it with the standard options.

Step 2 of 3: Choose when your screensaver shows

Your phone or tablet can use a screensaver when your device is charging, docked, or both. Docked means that your device is connected to a dock, a type of phone accessory.

  1. While on the screensaver settings page, tap More More and then When to daydream.
  2. Tap "While docked," "While charging," or "Either."

Step 3 of 3: Test your screensaver

To see what your screensaver will look like, tap More More and then Start now.

Use your screensaver

After you've set your screensaver, your screensaver will start when your device goes into Sleep mode.

If you want to change how long it takes for your device to go into Sleep mode, open your device's Settings app and then Display and then Sleep.

Important: Your screensaver won't start if you turn off your device with the power button. Instead, leave your screen on so that your device goes into Sleep mode on its own.


Amy is an Android expert and author of this help page. Leave her feedback below about the page.

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