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Some of this information applies only to devices running Android 4.4 or higher.

To manage most downloads, touch the Downloads icon downloads from All Apps (depending on your version of Android, your Downloads icon may look like this downloads).

Note that movies and some other content that you download don't show up in the Downloads app. Google Play streams your purchases and rentals from Google servers while you're playing them. They don't occupy any permanent storage space. However, you can pin (download) books, films, and other content in order to access it offline.

In addition to downloading content from Google Play, you can download files from Gmail or other sources. Use the Downloads app to manage your downloads:

  • Touch an item to open it.
  • Touch any headings to view older downloads.
  • Touch and hold items you want to share, then touch the share icon and choose a sharing method from the list.
  • Touch and hold items that you want to delete, then touch the trash icon .
  • To sort your downloads by name, date modified, or size, touch the menu icon Menu at the top of the screen. If your device is running 4.4 or lower, the Menu icon looks like this .

When your device is connected to a computer, look in the Download directory on the computer to view files available in the Downloads app. You can view and copy files from this directory.

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