Share content with Android Beam

This setting isn't available on all devices.

You can beam a web page, photo, video, or other content from your screen to another device by bringing the devices together (typically back to back) when Android Beam is turned on. Both devices have to support Near Field Communication (NFC) and have both NFC and Android Beam turned on.

Turn Android Beam on or off

To turn Android Beam on or off, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Settings app Settings on your device.
  2. Under “Wireless & networks,” touch More…
  3. Check the box next to NFC to allow data exchange when your phone touches another device. "NFC" stands for near field communication.
  4. Touch Android Beam. If you don't have NFC enabled, the screen will say "Unavailable because NFC is turned off."
  5. Slide the switch to On or Off

Share content

Before you begin sharing content, make sure both devices are unlocked and have both NFC and Android Beam turned on.

  1. On your device, open a screen that contains something you'd like to share, such as a webpage, YouTube video, or place page in Maps.
  2. Move the back of your device toward the back of the other device.
  3. When the devices connect, your device will make a sound or vibrate and the image on your screen will get smaller.
  4. When you see the message Touch to beam on your screen, touch your screen to start sharing the content. Your notification panel will saying "Beaming..."
    • If the necessary app isn't installed on the other device, Google Play will open to a screen where you can download the app.
  5. When the beam is complete, your notification panel will say "Beam complete." The other device will display the transferred content in the notification panel.
Tip: If you're using a Nexus 7 and touching its back to another device, make sure the other device is near the "u" in "nexus" to successfully beam content. If you're using the HTC One Google Play edition, place the HTC logo against the lower part of the other device to beam content. 

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