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Is your site currently included in Google News?

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  • No

Great! Please select which of the below best describes your issue or update. Note: if you have multiple issues (ex. adding a new section and changing site name) please submit multiple separate requests.

  • ONLY site name has changed (ex. "My Newspaper" to "My News Site")
  • Domain has changed (ex. to Please note that all domain changes are re-evaluated, and it is possible that your new domain will not be accepted into Google News
  • Site location or language has changed (ex. Edition language changed from English to Spanish)
  • Adding a new section (ex.
  • Associating your YouTube channel with your publication (ex.
  • Submit your publication for Editors' Picks
  • Reporting an issue with the Google News Publisher Center
  • Reporting an issue (ex. crawl issues, articles not appearing)