Hostname changes

If you've moved or updated your site's hostname (in other words, everything up to the first slash in your site's URL), please send us the new hostname as well as your site's old hostname, and we will be happy to update this information in our system.

Once we've updated your information in our system, follow the steps below:

  1. In Webmaster Tools, add your new hostname (e.g., to your account.
  2. Verify ownership of both hostnames ( and
  3. Re-create your News Sitemap and put it under the new hostname (making sure that the URLs in the Sitemap point to rather than
  4. Submit the Sitemap to the new site ( using one of the following mechanisms:
  5. The crawler will begin to index the new Sitemap from the new hostname (note that the crawler will discard articles on that it has already found on; it will only index fresh content from
  6. Once you make sure that we're crawling the new Sitemap, delete the old Sitemap in your Webmaster Tools account.
Google News Sitemaps are best structured as a small, fixed set. When you publish new articles, please update your existing Sitemaps, rather than creating a new Sitemap for them. Frequent creation of new Sitemaps, e.g., one for each calendar day, is not recommended.