Submitting video content

As part of our mission to organize the world's news information and make it accessible to our users, Google News recognizes the importance of videos and multimedia content. If you are a news site with video content, we'd like to include this content in our system.

Google News can crawl YouTube videos embedded within articles on your site. However, we also encourage you to submit your videos by creating a YouTube channel and sharing it with our team.

To help us offer the best user experience and maintain fairness and consistency when determining what content is included in Google News, we follow a number of guidelines for video content similar to the ones we have in place for text articles. Before submitting your YouTube channel to our team for consideration, please review our guidelines below:

News content. Video channels included in Google News should primarily consist of content that reports on recent events. We generally don't include channels that mainly contain how-to videos, advertisements, trailers, video blogs, or music videos.

Original & unique. All the content included in your videos, such as music, images, and text, should be your own or used with permission. Google respects copyrights and follows the DMCA guidelines for handling disputed copyrighted material.

Accountability & context. A little bit of context for videos can be extremely useful for viewers. Make sure your channel's videos include relevant descriptions, useful titles, and basic information about your website or organization.

Quality & consistency. Videos should be easy to understand with clear audio and images that are in focus. We're also more likely to include channels that are updated regularly.

Video channels included in Google News should also maintain the standards listed in the YouTube Community Guidelines. Additionally, you should read and understand YouTube's Terms of Service.

If your video content follows the guidelines listed above, we’d be happy to review your YouTube channel for inclusion in Google News! Review the steps below for submitting your content.

Steps for getting your video content included

Please follow the steps below if you'd like to have your videos embedded in Google News.

Set up a YouTube channel
  • Go to the YouTube Sign Up page and create a new YouTube account. Having your own account will allow you to arrange all of your video content in a single location with its own YouTube URL such as If you are part of a network of sites, you may want to find out if your organization has already submitted your content for inclusion.
  • Make sure to provide relevant information and links in your channel's profile information. You can also customize your channel to reflect your organization’s branding.
  • Make sure you upload your news videos as soon as you have them ready. In order to allow for better classification of your videos, please provide a descriptive title followed by a short description of the videos. You may want to familiarize yourself with other video optimization strategies and review the resources available at the YouTube's Creator Playbook.
Let the Google News Team know
  • Once you've created a YouTube channel, please let us know. Our team will review your submission and follow up with you directly. Please note that we will not crawl your videos if your website is not already included in Google News.
Join the YouTube Partner Program
  • We encourage all Google News providers with YouTube channels to apply to the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube partners enjoy many benefits that may be worthwhile for your site.
Remove content or let us know about an update
  • Once your channel is included in Google News, you can let us know directly if you need to remove content or update us about changes to your channel or videos.
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