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News Sitemaps overview

Sitemaps contain detailed information about specific types of content on your site. A Google News Sitemap is a file that allows you to control which content you submit to Google News. If you already have a web Sitemap, we recommend that you create a separate Sitemap for news content, as this Sitemap will be crawled very frequently to check for new articles.

By creating and submitting a Google News Sitemap, you're able to help Google News discover and crawl your site's articles:

  • Discover news articles faster: Sitemaps allow Google News to find all of the news articles on a site quickly.

  • Crawl and index all news articles: Sitemaps point our crawler directly to each news articles' URL, improving coverage of the content on your site.

  • Extract and display article information more accurately: Sitemaps identify the article titles, as well as the publication date for each article.

  • Characterise article content more accurately: Sitemaps specify the different types of content in your articles by using <access> and <genres> tags.

  • Annotate articles with metadata: Sitemaps clearly identify each article's content based on specific description such as related keywords or stock tickers.

We especially recommend using a News Sitemap if your site is new, has dynamic content or requires users to follow several links to reach your news articles.

Please note that Google News doesn't favour sites that use News Sitemaps in ranking results. Whether or not there's a News Sitemap available, Google News will use normal crawl methods to search and index all news sites (homepage and sections).

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