Getting into Google News: Quickstart guide

Step 3: Apply for inclusion

If your site follows our general and technical News index guidelines and webmaster guidelines, then you're ready to apply for inclusion within the Google News Publisher Center!
To apply for inclusion, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Google News Publisher Center.
  2. Verify ownership of your news site in Search Console.
  3. Click Request inclusion in Google News.
  4. Enter your site's details including news section URLs and labels, and click Submit.
  5. Come back to check your site’s inclusion status in 1-3 weeks.

After your inclusion request has been submitted, “Inclusion request submitted” will be displayed and your site will be reviewed by the Google News team in the next 1 - 3 weeks. Site owners can check the Publisher Center to see updates on their inclusion requests.

If your site is accepted, it will say “Included” under News. If it has been rejected, it will say “Review complete: Site rejected.”

We can’t share specific feedback for your site or personalized answers regarding our guidelines. However, you can seek guidance from other publishers in our Publisher Help Forum and you may re-apply for inclusion after 60 days.

Community Updates index

In addition to sites included in the main Google News index as described above, Google News may include Community Updates content from outside the Google News index. Community Updates are identified algorithmically and are subject to the same webmaster guidelines. Content from Community Updates appears primarily in Google News Local sections. Community Updates are tagged in the Google News Publisher Center as “Included (Community index)” and can be submitted for inclusion in the main Google News index as described above. 

We hope our Community Updates providers enjoy being in Google News. If, however, a provider would like to remove themselves, they can do so using robots. Because sites for Community Updates are identified algorithmically, there’s no way to request inclusion as a Community Updates site.

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