News Sitemap status

If your site is included in Google News, and you have verified ownership of the site using Google Webmaster Tools, you can view the status of all News Sitemaps added for each site. Your sitemap's details include:

  • Sitemap Filename
  • Sitemap Status
  • Format (News, Sitemap Index, etc.)
  • Last Downloaded date. Although it's not reflected in the Last Downloaded Date, we download News Sitemaps continually.

To view details about a particular News Sitemap or site, including Sitemap errors and warnings:

  1. Sign into Google Webmaster Tools with your Google Account.
  2. On your Home page, click the URL for the site you want.
  3. On the Dashboard page, in the Sitemaps section, click gray bar where you see the double arrow icon ».
  4. On the Sitemaps page, click the URL for the Sitemap of interest.

From the Sitemaps page, you can also:

If you submit your Google News Sitemap and receive an error stating that your news site is unknown, it means that your Sitemap is on a site which is not in the Google News database. Please check that your sitemap URL matches the URLs of your articles as they appear on Google News. For example, if the URLs of your articles on Google News start with:

then the URL of your sitemap must also start with this hostname, and not a variant such as Please contact us if you would like to request inclusion of your site in Google News.