News Sitemaps vs web Sitemaps

Sitemaps in general can contain detailed information about specific types of content on your site. More information about the different content types can be found here.

To submit your content to Google News, you should specify the appropriate namespace for News along with additional News-specific tags. More details can be found here.

While a Sitemap can include multiple types of content, Google recommends that you create separate Sitemaps for news content as these Sitemaps will be crawled very frequently to check for new articles. More information about News Sitemaps.

Please note the following limitations:

  • A News Sitemap lists news articles which have been published on your site within the past two days. You shouldn't include older articles.

  • The Google Sitemap Generator can't be used to create a News Sitemap, as it would include URLs that don't correspond to specific news articles. There are a number of third-party tools that can help you generate a Google News Sitemap.

  • A News Sitemap must contain a publication date for each article, which refers to the date that the article first appears on your site. Please make sure not to set this to the "current" time. Our News Sitemap guidelines will help you create your News Sitemap.