In general, Google News aims to promote original journalism, as well as to expose users to diverse perspectives. There are no human editors selecting stories or deciding which ones deserve top placement. Ranking in Google News is determined based on a number of factors, including:

  • freshness of content
  • diversity of content
  • rich textual content
  • originality of content

In addition to these guidelines, there are some technical factors that could affect the ranking of your site in Google News. These factors include other relevant sites linking to your site and descriptive and accurate <title> and <alt> tags in your articles' code.

You can improve your site's ranking by maintaining a Google-friendly website. For more detailed tips on creating a Google-friendly site, please visit the Search Console Help Center. More than anything, you can rank well in Google News by producing original, authoritative, and timely news information.

Please note that participation in an advertising program like AdSense has no effect on inclusion or ranking of your site in Google News, or any other Google search engine. Inclusion and ranking are free services; we don't accept payment to expedite inclusion or to improve a site's ranking. Learn more about how Google ranks pages.

While our team will be happy to help you when your articles fail to appear in Google News, there's very little unique feedback we can provide regarding issues of ranking. We appreciate your understanding.

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