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A source is a news site (e.g., a blog, news publication, or online magazine).


A section is a page of your news site where you post news articles. Our crawler visits this page to discover new articles. The section page may be a homepage, subdirectory, or subdomain. A section typically contains news articles that belong to the same category (e.g., “Business,” “Sports”) or topic (e.g., “US Elections”). By describing the different sections on your site via the Google News Publisher Center, you can help Google News better discover and surface your content. Note that a section is not an individual article URL (e.g.,


Labels are a pre-defined group of terms that are generally understood by users to characterize different types of news categories. These labels help Google News classify the content of your section or source.
  • Section: Section labels are used to help our news robot classify the articles within each of your section URLs by topic. For example, if you add a “Technology” label to, that would help classify the articles in this section as related to technology.
  • Source: Source labels are a set of predefined, generally understood terms that describe the content of your site and serve as hints to Google News to help classify and show your content. For example, if you add a “Blog” label to your site, that would help classify your site as a blog. More on what each source label means here.
Note: Apply labels to your source only if they are applicable to all the sections in your source.
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