I see incorrect information about my site. What should I do?

When you view our record of your news source information for the first time in the Google News Publisher Center, you may see some outdated information for your site.

First, don’t panic! You can update many portions of our record of your news source information (e.g.,add or edit your section URL(s), update your source name and label(s) right within the Publisher Center. For other updates, such as source URL or country, please contact our team.

Often, what appear to be obsolete pages are kept because the News crawler is still finding content from those pages. For example, via a "most popular" section, or a "more" link somewhere on the page. It's fine to delete these if the content will be found elsewhere on your site, but that's why the old pages aren't removed automatically.

Updates to our record of your news source information may be made by your team or Google News. The overall goal is to keep your site’s information as current as possible; if you do see any outdated information, please update our record of your news source information.

Keeping your site’s information current helps both Google News users and publishers. It helps better inform users what type of content they are clicking on (e.g., "blog") and helps our news robot discover and classify more of your site’s great news content!

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