Google Finance and Google Alerts

Google Finance

For your news articles to appear in Google Finance, they must first be included in Google News. Our algorithm selects articles to appear in Google Finance by looking for content that is relevant, timely, and original.

To see if your site is already included in Google News, use our site: search operator. Type in the site domain, for example, [ ] into the search box and click the seach button. If we're crawling some of your content but not all of it, you may want to review our troubleshooting tips for missed articles.

Google News Alerts

In order for a site to be included in Google Alerts and appear in the News section, your site also needs to be included in Google News. To see if your site is already included, use our site: operator from the Google News homepage.

Additionally, for an article to appear in Google News Alerts it must be in the top ten Google News results for a particular search term (the term that triggers the email alert). Google News is run by a computer algorithm and uses no human editors. Our system uses many factors when determining the ranking of articles and we may be unable to provide specific feedback when it comes to questions of ranking.

If your site is not appearing in Google News and you'd like our team to review it for inclusion, let us know. You can find out more about Google News Alerts by visiting the Google Alerts Help Center new window.