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Removing content from Google News

Google News is compiled by computer algorithms and not by human editors. If you find content from your site (including but not limited to an article, an image, a video, or a broken link) displayed in Google News that shouldn't be, we ask that you let us know. In most cases, before we can remove content from Google, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Remove the content from your site first. Note: If you did not publish this content, we encourage you to contact the publisher directly to have it first removed from their site, and ask the publisher to then contact our team.
  2. Set up a robots.txt entry to block Google News from further crawling this content.
  3. If you'd like the content removed from Google Search entirely, review the steps listed in the Webmaster Help Center.

Once you've gone through these steps, let us know and please provide as much detail as possible about the content in question, such as the exact headline as it appears in Google News. The removal process normally may take up to a few days but the actual time may vary case by case. We're also unable to recrawl an article at the same URL once it has been removed.

Note to Google News readers: This article describes how site owners remove content from Google News. If you find content in Google News that you believe is offensive or incorrect, please contact us. If you are not the owner of a site included in the Google News index and you feel your copyrights are being violated, please see review our policy on alleged copyright infringement. If you feel your other legal rights are being violated, please file a report here.

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