Google News for mobile devices

Google News for mobile devices is compiled by computer algorithms, and we gather articles by crawling news websites. If your desktop site is already included in Google News, your mobile site will automatically appear in the mobile version of Google News. Following the general technical guidelines below should help our crawler find and index articles from your mobile site correctly:

  1. If you have mobile specific version of your site, we ask that you set up a redirect for mobile traffic so that when a users visits your site from Google News on a mobile device they get the best possible experience reading your content.

  2. In order for our crawler to correctly gather articles, each page that displays an article's full text needs to have a unique URL that does not change. We cannot include sites in Google News for mobile that display multiple articles at the same URL.

  3. The URL for each article must contain a unique number consisting of at least three digits.
    • For example, our news crawler would not crawl articles with the following URLs:
    • It would crawl these pages:
  4. Our automated crawler is currently best able to crawl regular XHTML links. We are unable to crawl image links or links embedded in JavaScript.

Once your site is approved for inclusion in Google News for mobile devices, allow a few days for your request to be processed, then:

  • Confirm that we're including your articles
    • To find articles from your mobile-specific URLs on Google News for mobile devices, go to: and use our "site:" operator. To do so, enter "site:" followed by the domain of the site you're searching for, and click "Search News." For example, to search for articles from the New York Times, you'd enter [ ].
  • Let us know when your site changes
    • If your site is changed or updated in the future, report an update so that we can ensure your site's new information is reflected in Google News.
  • Visit the Google News Publishers Help Forum