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My site was rejected for accountability. So why? Hello everyone. My website https://www.yorumla.net Please can you tell me why this site was rejected… How to get a new Google news source ID number? (re: hacker may have mine) My host's server was hacked last week (Japanese Keyword Hack) which included briefly being authorize…
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Domain has disappeared from Google News The domain www.alimente.elconfidencial.com registered and aproved in Google Publisher, has ceased to… Google News Checks Hi Google News Publisher Community, Just need some advices as we are planning to apply for inclusion…
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Site rejected for accountability, yet I've followed all the guidelines?! I've submitted the following site: capital10x.com to Google News but it was rejected for the reason:… Review of site prior to resubmission. Welcome expert advice thank you We were rejected once and have tried to improve so we are ready to apply again. our site: https://bo… site rejected for second time Hello, it's second time we try to be included in Google Database. We are a website about television,…
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Do somebody have any idea why site https://www.rotfront.su/ wasn't approved for Google News. Our site https://www.rotfront.su/ publish news connected with unions movement in Russia and World. W…
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I do not understand what is wrong on my site, could someone help? it has been rejected twice ... Hello, I am facing problems to include my news site in Google News, I have tried 2 times and it was …
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Why are my news not published ? Hi, i try to publish our website news on google news. I use an rss feed to get the news from our web…
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