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Is it necessary to choose a label? Hi I once submited a blog to the Google news and so I chose 'blog' in the label section. The site go…
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Google news inclusion request issue. Hello expert, I am trying to submit my news portal to Google news inclusion request. After inserting… Site rejected 4 times my site rejected for inclusion on Google news publisher after solving all accountibility iss… Why Google News Team taking more than 10-20 days to review the website? Hello Expert Team, I have seen that it's more than 10 days my website is in the review stage. There …
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Site not ranking in News Top Stories and 0 Traffic from Discover Feed Our Site is not ranking in Top Stories and getting 0 Traffic from Discover. Site Link: Here Even for…
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Getting Zero Traffic from Google News After Google's June Core Update Hi, We have a website Link, before the Google's June core update, our all the articles were coming i…
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Rejection after Domain Change - is there a chance to get back in? Hey there, we are a Google News Publisher since 2015 with Old Domain (vrodo.de) covering Mixed Reali… Why the racist nonsense about homeless black teen girls getting pregnant via sperm donors? Why is Google sharing this dog-whistle clickbait and how do we ask them to stop? It's not that I don…
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My website was rejected from google news. Any ideas? My website got rejected. Website URL: https://betting.team/ All our content is unique (we've got UGC… My traffic from GN disapeared Hi Guys, Lately I've added my website (dailyweb dot pl) to Google News Producer (when i was already …
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