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Sono diverse settimana che ho fatto richiesta di inclusione in gnews senza risposta Sono diverse settimane che ho fatto richiesta di iscrizione a gnews per i sito https://www.atuttadon…
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Unexpected publication name I am using same name "HS News" on both places, i.e. in sitemap
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Items not present, but site included Hi, my blog has been present for many years on the Google News index, but unfortunately, since some … Keeps appearing "Request for inclusion in Google News" after submitting site Hi, After submitting the site to google news, I get the message as submitted but when I refresh the … Site rejected because of "We're concerned about accountability on your site..." I contact you because I submited again my site and this time got rejected because of the next reason…
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Duplicate Images in the News Producer We are getting duplicate images in News Producer simulation. Our articles in mobile app takes it to …
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sc-domain News Inclusion From the Search Console forum, I've been informed that my current method of adding properties isn't … Kann man 2 Nachrichten-Plattformen in Google News anmelden oder braucht man dafür ein extra Konto? Wir haben bereits eine Nachrichtenplattform in Google News erfolgreich angelegt und möchten eine zwe…
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Не добавляется сайте в google news Запрос был отклонен много раз. Мы не можем понять причину. Спасибо за совет. https://bankinform.ru
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