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Create a Google News section with YouTube

Google News knows the importance of videos and multimedia content. If you’re a news site with video content, we'd like to have this content in our system.

If you want us to crawl your YouTube channel, make sure to submit your YouTube video content to Google News. You can also embed YouTube videos in your articles or your feed via an <iframe> tag.

If you prefer MP4 videos, verify they’re embedded in your articles or included in your article feed with media <RSS> tags.

Important: When you share your YouTube channel in Publisher Center, Google might verify the channel is yours before video content is eligible to show in Google News.

Video content guidelines

Before you submit your YouTube channel to our team, review our guidelines.

  • Original & unique: All content included in your videos such as music, images, and text should be your own or used with permission. Google respects copyrights and follows the DMCA guidelines for handling disputed copyrighted material.
  • Accountable & contextual: Context for videos can be useful for viewers. Make sure your channel's videos include relevant descriptions, useful titles, and basic information about your website or organization.
  • High quality & consistent: Videos should be easy to understand, with clear audio and images that are in focus. We're also more likely to include channels that are updated regularly.

Video channels added to your publications should also maintain the standards listed in the YouTube community guidelines. Additionally, you should review and understand YouTube's Terms of Service.

Select YouTube video content for a new section

In the “Content settings” tab, you can choose to populate the section with YouTube videos from either a channel or a playlist.

  1. Channel: Enter the name of the channel. For example, if the channel URL is, enter googlechrome. Google News displays videos from the “Uploads” section of the channel under “Browse videos.”
    • Tip: Even if you've set the default tab of your channel to “Featured tab” or “Feed,” Google News shows the videos under “Uploads.” This means your new section might not show the same content as the front page of your YouTube channel.
  2. Playlist: Enter the full URL of the playlist. For example,

Visit the YouTube Help Center to learn more about channels and playlists.

Submit your YouTube video content to Google News

  1. Open Publisher Center.
  2. Select your publication.
  3. Click Google News.
  4. Navigate to Content settings.
  5. Click New section.
  6. Select Video.
  7. In the pop-up window, add the YouTube URL, name, and any other details.

Important: You can remove your Youtube content from the Publisher Center's "Content" tab. Learn more about how to manage your sections.

Important: Join the YouTube Partner Program. We encourage all Google News providers with YouTube channels to apply to the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube partners enjoy many benefits that may be worthwhile for your site.

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