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Test major changes to your publication

You can create or use an existing content section to test major changes to your publication. A test section lets you preview and interact with it in the same way as readers. To avoid interfering with the user experience, you can make this section visible to the publication’s managers only.

Test your major changes

  1. Open the Publisher Center.

  2. Create a content section with a feed or web location.

  3. Navigate to the "Review & Publish" tab.

  4. Follow your publication.

  5. Install the Google News app for Android or iOS.

  6. Sign in to the app on your phone or tablet with the same info you used to create the publication.

  7. Open Google News.

  8. Once followed, to find your publication, tap Favorites and then Sources.

  9. If you can’t see your section, on your device, turn on Designer Mode.

Important: If you don't see your publication sync Google News when you tap Menu More, tap Refresh.


Do it now in the Publisher Center


When you're satisfied with your test section, you can begin the process of publishing and distributing this content to your readers.

Enable Designer Mode on your Device

To test changes to your publication, such as CSS overrides, ad implementations, unpublished publications, or manager-only sections, you can turn on Designer Mode on your iOS/Android device.

To turn on Designer Mode on Android:

  1. Open Google News.

  2. Tap Menu Menu and Help & feedback.

  3. Tap More More and select Build info.

  1. Tap the displayed build info repeatedly until the message "You are a developer!" appears.

  2. Go back to the Google News home screen.

  3. Tap Menu Menu and select Settings.

  4. Under the “Developer options” section, turn on Designer Mode.

Important: The app operates much slower in this setting, and Designer Mode automatically deactivates after 4 hours.


To turn on Designer Mode on iOS:

  1. Go to the iOS Settings app.

  2. Select Google News.

  3. Turn on Designer Mode.

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