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A publication lets you manage how your content is viewed by users in Google News.

With a publication, you can:

  • Import your existing content

  • Manage access

  • Make design decisions

  • Optimize how your content is rendered and delivered to users

To create a publication in the Publisher Center, add your site’s information under the “General” tab.

Add your publication’s basic information

  1. Name your publication

Users can search for your publication with this name. We recommend you select a name that accurately describes your content and brand. Google News has certain naming guidelines, and doesn't allow publication names to include extraneous articles (such as "the") and descriptive clauses.

Tip: Your publication name should be unique to your site. We recommend you avoid names such as The Times or The Chronicle, since it can be confusing to users.

If you need to modify the publication name, you can do so at a later stage. This change would only affect new articles. Your old name will continue to appear on articles already included in Google News, which will expire after the usual 30 days.

Important: If you've previously submitted a News sitemap in the Search Console, you’ll need to resubmit it with the right publication name as it appears in the Publisher Center.

  1. Add a description

Users can use the text you provide in your description to search for your publication in Google News. Make sure your publication description is at least 140 characters.

  1. Select a category

When you set up your publication, be sure to classify it appropriately so that readers can find it under the correct category in Google News.

List of categories

The list of categories available in the Publisher Center may not be exactly the same as the list of categories visible to users in Google News, as the catalog is adjusted to optimize the browsing experience for readers. Sometimes similar categories may be combined.

Here’s a list of the categories available to publishers in the Google News Publisher Center, and how they correlate with the categories that are available to users:

In the Google News Publisher Center In the Newsstand tab in Google News


Home & garden

Real estate

Home & garden





Crafts & hobbies


Fashion & style

Food & drink

Home & garden

Men's lifestyle

Parenting & children




Social good

Special interest


Women's lifestyle

Special interest

News & politics



News & politics
Health & fitness Health & fitness

Science & technology


Science & technology



Food & drink Food & drink


4. Choose a primary language

Select the primary language of your publication, and whether you'd like to turn on automatic translation to allow readers to view your content in their preferred language. Note that automatic translation is enabled by default. For best results, encode your site in UTF-8.

Learn more about encoding here.


  1. Avoid articles that display more than one language within the text of the article. Google News’ system can have trouble crawling content that contains multiple languages.

  2. Not all languages are supported across all devices. To check which languages are available on Android devices, tap App and then Settings and then Languages and regions of interest.

Add a website property URL

The website property is usually your site’s domain, but can also be a sub-domain or a URL prefix property, such as:

  • A URL with the specified prefix and protocol (

  • A domain property with all subdomains and multiple protocols (

Learn more about domain properties here.

You can only create one publication per website property. Make sure to verify your domain in the Search Console.

Important: Google is unable to guarantee uninterrupted processing of your articles after a domain change. We recommend that you review how to tell Google when your site moves.


You can include the location of your publication’s headquarters. If you need to change this location in the future, please contact our team here.


List your publication’s points of contact, their active email addresses, and the topics they should be contacted for. For example, technical issues or updates.

A verification link will be sent to the email addresses provided.


By default, your publication is available to readers worldwide. If you'd like to restrict access, you can either allow or block specific countries from reading.

Important: Any changes to your international distribution settings are effective immediately.

You can also allow your content to appear on either all or only specific Google properties, such as Chromecast, Google Play, and Google Assistant.

Learn more about the “Text-to-Speech News on Assistant” feature.

Tracking your feed content

To monitor traffic to your feed content, connect your publication to a Google Analytics account or add a tracking pixel URL.

Learn more about tracking your content here.

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