Verify your content

To submit your publication for approval, you’ll need to verify your site in the Search Console.

Before you verify your site:

After your site is verified, you can publish it in Google News and label your site’s sections under the 'Content section' tab of the Publisher Centre.

Verify your site in the Search Console

  1. Open the Publisher Centre.

  2. Click Content.

  3. Under the 'Content verification section, next to your website’s URL, click Verify.
    Important: The 'Verify' button will only appear after you add your site’s URL. After you click, your domain will be verified through the Search Console, and your content will be discoverable in Google News. To associate your articles with your Google News publication, they must come from a verified domain.

  4. When you verify your site’s ownership in the Search Console, make sure of the following:

  • Verify the full site’s ownership. For example, do not verify '' if you’d like to verify ''.

  • Verify ownership with the domain name provider method. If you’re unable to use this method, use the HTML file verification method.

  • If you have news content from multiple subdomains, like and, verify ownership of the top domain. Then, you can configure your news sections in the Publisher Centre.

  1. Check that you’re signed into the Publisher Centre with the same email account that you used to verify your site in the Search Console.

If you’ve followed the steps above and are still unable to verify your content, please contact our team.

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