Verify your content

To submit your publication for approval, you’ll need to verify your site in the Search Console.

Before you verify your site:

Verify your site in the Search Console

Important: When you verify your site’s ownership in the Search Console, sign in to Publisher Center with the same email account that you used to verify your site in the Search Console.

To verify your site in the Search Console:

  1. On your computer, go to Publisher Center.
  2. UnderMore options,” click Manage your publication and your organization and then Modify publication settings.
  3. Under “General," find "Primary website property URL" and enter the URL.
  4. Click Verify in search console and then Go to Search Console.
    • Important: "Verify in search console" only shows up after you add your site’s URL. After you click, your domain verifies through the Search Console and your content is discoverable in Google News. To associate your articles with your Google News publication, they must come from a verified domain.
  5. Verify ownership with the domain name provider method.
    • Verify the full site’s ownership. For example, verify "" instead of “”
    • If you have news content from multiple subdomains, like "" and "," verify ownership of the top domain (“”). Then you can set up your news sections in Publisher Center.
    • If you’re unable to use this method, use the HTML file verification method.

Tip: If you’ve followed the steps above and are still unable to verify your content, contact our team.

Other URLs

To verify secondary and other URLs, use "Additional website property URLs."

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New Publisher Center

Google launched a new Publisher Center interface to help publishers easily manage how their content appears across Google News surfaces. Read more on this FAQ page and our blog post.

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