Upload fonts

To customize your RSS articles’ presentation, upload your own fonts through the “Article style CSS.” 

Users can upload fonts as either TTF or OTF files only. If you don’t upload font files, Google News will display fonts in “Roboto” for Android or desktop, and “San Francisco” for iOS.  

Tip: Font families typically contain 4 font styles: Normal, bold, italics, and bold italic.

To upload your fonts:

  1. Open the Publisher Center.

  2. Select your publication.

  3. Click Advanced.

  4. Scroll to “Uploaded fonts.”

  5. Click New font family.

  6. Name your font family.

  7. Click Add font.
  8. Once uploaded, the “Font file” field will be populated with the name of the file. 

  9. Click Save.

In the “Uploaded fonts” section, a summary of the uploaded font files will be displayed. 

To edit your uploaded fonts:

  1. Click Edit and proceed with the changes. 

  2. Click Save.

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