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Content that must be blocked from Google News

Google News seeks to provide access to original journalistic content. To achieve this goal, publishers within Google News must block certain types of content, as follows. It’s also recommended to block or make use of canonical for other types of content.

Consider blocking or canonical for republished content

Republishing refers to when a publisher has permission from another publisher or author to republish an entire original work, such as material syndicated from wire services, in partnership with other publications or from public domain sources. 

Google News also encourages those that republish material to consider proactively blocking such content or making use of canonical, so that we can better identify the original content and credit it appropriately.

Publishers that allow others to republish content can help ensure that their original versions perform better in Google News by asking those republishing to block or make use of canonical.

Publishers that operate a network of news sites that share content are encouraged to select what they consider to be the original article and consider blocking duplicates or making use of canonical to point to the original.

In some cases, republication can amount to copyright infringement. Publishers who believe another publisher is violating their copyright may file a legal request to remove such material from Google News. Learn more on our copyright page.

Block scraped content

Scraping commonly refers to taking substantial material from another site without express permission, often on an automated basis. Scraping also includes recasting original content by using synonyms or other word replacements that, in essence, reproduce the original. Publishers must block content that scrapes all or nearly all of an original work without providing any substantial or clear added value.

Block paid and unnatural links

Publishers must block links that have been sold for ranking purposes or that otherwise violate our guidelines about link schemes. Publishers must also block links in content that may be syndicated for republishing in a large scale manner, where the goal may be primarily to build links.

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New Publisher Center

Google launched a new Publisher Center interface to help publishers easily manage how their content appears across Google News surfaces. Read more on this FAQ page and our blog post.

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