URL redirects

Google News can follow redirects to some extent. We suggest that you make every page on your site reachable from at least one static text link, so that we can access these pages easily. Follow the suggestions below when using redirects:

  • Minimise the number of redirects needed to follow a link from one page to another
  • Set your redirect timer for a relatively short period of time
  • Avoid using Meta refreshes in the statement of your pages
  • Point your redirects to valid pages
  • Make sure that your redirects don't point to themselves
  • Make sure that all of your redirects are valid and not empty
  • If you're permanently redirecting from one page to another, use a permanent redirect (301)
  • Do not use &ID= as a parameter in your URLs
  • Use a text browser with no cookies to navigate your site to see how it would be crawled

For more information on errors from URLs not being followed, please visit our Webmaster Help Centre.

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