Prevent inaccurate article titles

Google News scans your article pages and automatically displays what our crawler determines to be the correct headlines for your content. Follow our best practices to help our crawler extract the correct title from your content.

Best practices

To ensure our system displays your article titles correctly in Google News, follow these suggestions:

  • Place the title of your article in a prominent place above the article body, such as in an <h1> tag
  • Match the title of your article page (in the HTML <title> tag) to the title of your article (in <h1> or equivalent)
  • Match the anchor text that points to your article in your section pages to the title of your article/page
  • Avoid using the article title, or a substring of the title, as an active hyperlink in your article page
  • Do not include a date or time in your article title
  • Article titles should be at least 10 characters and between 2 and 22 words
  • Do not include a leading number (which sometimes corresponds to an access key) in the anchor text of the title to make sure that your article title displays properly on mobile devices

While we can't guarantee that we'll include all your site's articles, these suggestions can help increase the probability that our crawler will extract the correct headlines.

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