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We use computer algorithms to compile our news index. While we strive to include as much of your content as possible, we can't guarantee the inclusion of every article. We appreciate your understanding.

When scanning thousands of websites every minute, sometimes our crawler can miss a few. If you notice we didn’t include some of your latest articles, it's likely that a specific technical issue is preventing us from including your content. We encourage you to walk through the steps below to determine what may be causing our system to miss your content:

  1. Check if your articles are in our news index. Run a site: search [site:example.com] on the Google News homepage.
  2. If the articles that appear display with a different publication name or link to an outdated site domain, it's possible that we can’t crawl your content due to outdated information in our system. To fix this issue, update our record of your news site in the Google News Publisher Center.
  3. If your site's information appears to be correct in search results, try to identify a few articles that are missing. Look at those articles and check to see if they conform to our technical requirements. Some common issues that may be preventing us from crawling your articles include the following:
    • Article URLs aren’t unique or permanent.
    • A robots.txt file or meta tags are blocking links to articles.
    • Content is hosted on a domain different from your site's main domain and isn’t currently listed in our system.
    • We're unable to determine the date or title of your article.
    • Article pages contain dynamic content that our crawler can't read.
    • Articles don’t have enough text to be included.
    If you suspect any of the above issues may be affecting your site, read through our technical requirements to help resolve your issue.
  4. We strongly encourage you to create a Google News sitemap. Sitemaps can help improve how quickly our crawler finds your content and can resolve issues involving inaccurate headlines and publication titles.
    Note: Google News sitemaps are distinct from Google Search sitemaps.
  5. If you still don’t see your articles appearing in our news search results, try the following steps:
    1. Open your Search Console account
    2. On the left-hand side of your screen, click Crawl.
    3. Click Crawl errors to see which articles aren’t being indexed properly. 
  6. We recommend that you also try Fetch as Google in your Search Console account. This tool allows you to see how Google's crawlers view your site and may show why our system has trouble indexing your content. For more details on how to use this tool, visit the Search Console Help Center.

You may also find it useful to visit the Google News Help Forum, where publishers share helpful tips and expertise.

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