Troubleshoot missing articles in Google News

Looking for your articles in Google News but can’t find them? To troubleshoot, it’s important to understand the difference between an article being included in Google News and how it’s ranked in response to news searches.

Inclusion means that content is indexed and eligible to appear when people visit the Google News homepage, search from Google News, or do a regular Google Search and select the “News” option.

Ranking refers to how prominently included content appears in searches. Articles aren’t missing from Google News just because they don’t rank for a particular search. They may rank for other searches.

If you can’t find some of your articles actually included, it’s likely due to a technical issue. The advice below will help you troubleshoot inclusion issues.

Important: We use automated systems to compile our news index. While we strive to include as much of your content as possible, we can’t guarantee every article will be published or how well it’s ranked.

Check if your articles are already included

Run a site: Search [] on the Google News homepage.

To find a particular story, use quotes around the headline or a key phrase. For example: site: “My headline that I’m looking for.”

Important: Use the site: operator to verify inclusion. Without it, your included content might not appear if we have similar but more relevant content.

Verify that Google can crawl and index your site

To check on a specific URL, use the URL Inspection Tool in Search Console. This shows how Google's crawlers view your page and why our systems may have trouble indexing your content.

To check your entire site, use the Index Cover Status report. For more details, visit the Search Console Help Center.

Also, consider using a Google News sitemap. Sitemaps can help improve how quickly our crawler finds your content and can resolve issues involving inaccurate headlines and publication titlesNote: Google News sitemaps are distinct from Google Search sitemaps.

Important: If the articles you’ve found display a different publication name or link to a different site domain, it's possible that we can’t crawl your content due to outdated information in our system. To fix this issue, update your news site.

More troubleshooting

If you still can’t find an article included, here are some more issues to check:

  • Article URLs aren’t unique or permanent.

  • A “robots.txt” file or meta tags block your articles from being indexed.

  • Content is hosted on a domain different from your site's main domain and isn’t currently listed in our system.

  • We can’t determine the date or title of your article.

  • Article pages have dynamic content that our crawler can't read.

  • Articles don’t have enough text to be included.

If you suspect any of the above issues, you can find more help in our technical requirements. You can find other helpful tips in the Google News Help Forum.

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