Review technical index guidelines

Google News uses a computer algorithm to automatically crawl news websites. To help our system determine which of your webpages are articles, make sure your site follows our technical guidelines.

Here are some common areas where publishers encounter technical issues:

  • Article URLs: Make sure your article URLs are unique and permanent.
  • Article links: When our crawler scans your site, it looks for HTML links with anchor text that includes at least a few words. We cannot crawl JavaScript, graphic links, or links in frames.
  • Article format: Our crawler cannot crawl PDFs or other non-HTML formats.
  • Robots.txt or metatags: To include your content in Google News, our user-agents Googlebot and Googlebot-news must be able to crawl and index your site.
  • Multimedia content: We cannot include audio files or multimedia content. However, we can sometimes crawl supplementary text on pages with this type of content, including some videos from YouTube.
Note: While not required, we recommend that you submit a Google News Sitemap through a Search Console account after your site is reviewed and approved by our team.
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