Incorrect article date

If our crawler has trouble finding an article's date or determines the publication date of an article is older than 2 days, we may not be able to include it in Google News. If you suspect this is happening to your new articles, we recommend the following tips to display the date more explicitly and help our system include your content:

  • Place a clear date and time for each of your articles in between the article's title and the article's text in a separate line of HTML. This should help our crawler correctly identify the publication date for your article.
  • Remove any other dates from the HTML of the article page so that our crawler doesn't mistake them for the correct publication time.
  • If you created a Google News sitemap, the sitemap entry for this article needs a <publication_date> tag. Each URL needs to include the article publication date in W3C format.

Make sure to provide us with the date when the article first appeared on your site. If the sitemap doesn't include a date for the article, the article won't be included in Google News. In this case, you'll see a "Date not found" or "Date too old" error for the article in Search Console.

Article times and dates displayed on Google News reflect the time at which we originally crawled the articles, and may not be the same as the publication date.
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