Incorrect article snippets

Google News displays a small portion on our homepage and in search results to give users a preview of an article before clicking on it. To determine which text to include, our crawler looks at each article's code for body text near the headline of that article. Typically, we only show a small portion of your articles under their headlines in Google News.

If Google News is displaying incorrect snippets of your articles, review your source code for the following:

  • Make sure there is no extra text between the article's title and the article's body in each page's source code
  • Clearly differentiate the text that makes up your articles' author bylines and date information from the text of your articles' first sentences

Test your pages

After you change your source code accordingly, test your pages by using the Troubleshooting tool. The tool shows which parts of the page we're likely to identify as the article body. Continue to test any changes made until the tool indicates the appropriate text.

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