Get the most out of Publisher Centre

To use the Google News Publisher Centre, you must first verify ownership of your news source using Google Search Console. Publisher Centre then lists all the news sources that you own, and you can update section or source information if either is outdated.

For each source, review the following:

  1. Check that we have your site’s current section URLs in our system. A section is a sub-directory of your news site where you consistently post news articles. A section typically contains news articles that belong to the same category (e.g. Technology) or topic (e.g. US Elections). Review the section URLs that we have on record for your site. Learn how to add and edit section URLs.
  2. Check that each section URL has any relevant section labels applied. Review the section labels (e.g. 'technology') and add or edit your section URLs as necessary.
  3. Check that your source information is correct. Review the source information, which includes your site’s name, domain URL, language and country. Learn how to update source details.
  4. Check that the source labels applied to your site are correct. Review the source labels applied to your site in Google News.

You’ve finished! When edits to your site impact the information that we have on record, check your news source in the Publisher Centre and update if necessary.

Note: Several types of source revisions and changes (e.g. updating source language, country, or URLs) are not possible within the Publisher Center.
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