Resolving duplicate articles

Articles that appear in Google News are determined entirely by computer algorithm. If Google News encounters numerous versions of the same article, our algorithms may have trouble identifying which article is the original one and which is a duplicate version.

News sites can help Google News find the original version of a news article via 2 methods:

  • Using the rel="canonical" meta tag
  • Disallowing the user agent for Google News and Google Search

Use the rel="canonical" tag

If you publish the same article on multiple pages within your site, or within your network of sites, you may want to use the rel="canonical" tag.

Learn more about canonicalization in our Webmaster Help Center .

Disallow Googlebot-News

If you syndicate your articles to other news sites, you may want to ensure that only the original version of your articles appear in Google News. To do this, your syndication partners should use a robots meta tag to disallow Google News from indexing their versions of your original article.

For example, if the editor of The Example Times wants to ensure that the article they are using with permission from The Example Gazette doesn't get included in Google News, they would implement the following code in that article page's HTML:

<meta name="Googlebot-News" content="noindex">

Using the above meta tag on a syndicated article results in it not appearing on the Google News homepage, topic pages, or story pages. Learn more about restricting bot access to certain content.

Disallow Googlebot

To restrict syndicated content from Google News and Google Search, you need to specify that Google's main user-agent, Googlebot, doesn't index your content.

For example, if the editor of The Example Times prefers not have the syndicated version of the story from The Example Gazette appear in search results, they would implement the same code as above but use "Googlebot" as the value in the name attribute:

<meta name="Googlebot" content="noindex">

Learn more about restricting bot access to certain content.

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