Permanent section pages

If the URLs of your main news sections change on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, we may not be able to include your site in Google News. Non-permanent URLs prevent us from crawling your new content, as we're unable to detect the most current URL to be crawled. Our automated crawler is best able to crawl sites when the URLs of your main news sections don't change. If your main news section changes after your site has been accepted into Google News, update our record of your section URLs within the Google News Publisher Centre.

Googlebot-News is best able to crawl HTML links. It cannot crawl image links or links embedded in JavaScript. Please make sure that your articles on your section pages have HTML links only.

In addition, make sure that the anchor text that points to an article in your section pages matches the title of your article and page title. If these technical requirements are an issue for you, a sitemaps-only crawl may be a solution. Contact our team if you'd like to try crawling your site exclusively by sitemaps.

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