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Create a rewarded ad unit

To diversify your revenue and generate new monetization opportunities, configure a rewarded ad wall as part of your Reader Revenue Manager content access controls.

For readers to view an article, they can watch an ad from Rewarded Ad Wall.

Note : Rewarded Ad Wall in Reader Revenue Manager is in Beta.

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Prerequisite: Verify Google Ad Manager on your site

At this time, Rewarded Ad Wall in Reader Revenue Manager only supports ad units from Google Ad Manager.

To display these ads, ensure that the Google Publisher Tag (GPT) script is on the page where you'll display the Rewarded Ad Wall.

Specifically, the following code snippet should be on your page:

<script async src=""></script>

Create a rewarded ad unit in Google Ad Manager

Follow the steps to create a rewarded ad unit, taking note of required rewarded ad settings.

Copy ad unit ID

  1. Generate an ad tag of type "Google Publisher Tag."
  2. From the code snippet, copy the ad tag ID.
    • Format: /<account-id>/<ad-tag-name>
    • Example: /4932617/rrm-test-reward-ad

Find the screenshot below:

Use ad unit ID in Reader Revenue Manager ad settings

  1. Copy the ad unit ID from Google Ad Manager via the previous step.
  2. Return to Reader Revenue Manger.
    • To add or edit the Rewarded Ad Wall prompt, click the card on the "Content access and then Overview" page.
  3. Paste the ad unit ID in the "Ad settings" field.
    • See image below.

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