We’ve recently announced an update on publication pages. Please read here for more information.

Hide ads

Once you have the CMS Sync snippet on the pages of your article, you can modify the default behavior of your script. You can hide ads for existing contributors or subscribers.


  • To hide ads, you must know how to use Javascript.
  • To edit your CMS Sync snippet, insert the setOnEntitlementsResponse function block after initialization. This function calls the swg-basic.js entitlements API to determine if the reader is already a contributor or subscriber, and returns a promise.
  • To check if there are entitlements that have returned, call the dismissSwgUI function to hide the dialog.

Example usage for the updated code snippet


(self.SWG_BASIC = self.SWG_BASIC || []).push(basicSubscriptions => {

    basicSubscriptions.setOnEntitlementsResponse(entitlementsPromise => {

      entitlementsPromise.then(entitlements => {

        // Indicates that the user is subscriber or contributor

        if (entitlements.enablesThisWithCacheableEntitlements()) {

          // hide the SwG dialog


    // Insert logic to disable ads, depending on your ad network provider





      type: "NewsArticle",

      isPartOfType: ["Product"],

      isPartOfProductId: "<your product id>",

      clientOptions: { lang: "en" },



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