Set up a conversion strategy for contributions

With the conversion strategy features, you can:

  • Engage with your audience.
  • Prompt them to sign up for a newsletter.
  • Set up a newsletter sign up for your users when they want to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Collect your users’ email addresses.

Create a newsletter sign-up form

  1. Go to Publisher Center.
  2. In the “Conversions” tab, next to “Newsletter signup,” select +Add.
    • This adds ”Newsletter signup” to your active tools section in draft mode and on your conversion funnel.
  3. After you add the tool to your active Tools selection, click the Down arrow .
  4. Select Finish setup.

After you’re directed to the "Configuration" tab, you can give more details about your newsletter signup. In this section, you can add:

  • Title: Title that the users find when the Newsletter prompt appears.
  • Description: Description that the users find when the Newsletter prompt appears.
  • Consent (Optional): If you want to add a consent box before a user signs up for Newsletters, select Show a consent box. Then add a consent description.

If the Consent checkbox is implemented, users can’t proceed with the Newsletter sign-up unless they give consent.

To turn on the Newsletter signup on your site, after you added the display and configuration details, select Make Live.

Adjust your prompt frequency

You can adjust the frequency of your prompts depending on how often you’d like readers to be prompted to take a certain action. This setting applies to all active prompts including your: 

  • Contribution prompts
  • Newsletter signup prompts
  • Account registration prompts

To adjust your prompt frequency:

  1. Go to Publisher Center.
  2. In the “Conversions” tab, under “Prompt Frequency,” adjust your settings to Low, Medium, or High depending on your preference.
    • The default value is Medium.

Tip: In the “Conversions” tab, you can still adjust the frequency of contribution prompts even if you decide not to add any extra sign up tools.

Export newsletter sign ups

If you add the sign up tools, you can download a spreadsheet of your newsletter sign ups. After you downloaded the file, you can export this to your preferred customer relationship management (CRM) system or mail service provider (MSP).


  • Readers can only sign up for a newsletter with their Google account.
  • The newsletter sign up prompt only shows as a pop up.
  • Manage your email unsubscriptions.
  • Before you set up a conversion strategy, you must complete a set up for:
    • Payment profile 
    • Pricing
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