Initial setup

Name your publication

The name you provide is used throughout Google News to identify your publication. It should be a simple identifier. Recommended naming criteria:

  • Select a name that accurately describes your content and brand. For example, "Google Sports Daily".
  • Your publication name should be unique to your site. Avoid names like “The Times” or “The Chronicle,” which may confuse users.
  • Don’t include extra articles like "the".
  • Don’t add descriptive clauses.

Important: Names in Publisher Center aren't used for the "News" tab of Google Search.

Names in the "News" tab are automatically generated based on your "site name."

Learn how to indicate your site name preference.

For “Top stories” and the "News" tab of Google Search, publication logos come from structured data AMP logos (except in dark theme displays) or are automatically generated for non-AMP web content.

Add a primary website property URL

Important: Google is unable to guarantee uninterrupted processing of your articles after a domain change. We recommend that you review how to tell Google when your site moves.

The primary website property is usually your site’s domain, but can also be a sub-domain or a URL prefix property, such as:

  • A URL with the specified prefix and protocol (
  • A domain property with all subdomains and multiple protocols (

Learn more about domain properties here.

You can only create one publication per website property. Make sure to verify your domain in the Search Console.


This is the location of the entity that represents your publication that currently holds a Showcase agreement with Google. If this location has changed, submit a change request:

  1. On your computer, go to Publisher Center.
  2. Select your publication and click Publication settings.
  3. Next to your location, click Request to change.
  4. In the location change request form, enter:
    • Your publication’s name
    • Your publication's domain
    • The updated location
New Publisher Center

Google launched a new Publisher Center interface to help publishers easily manage how their content appears across Google News surfaces. Read more on this FAQ page and our blog post.

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