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What's News on Search

Google News aims to help and empower people to deepen their understanding of current events and news.

Find an organized experience of top stories, articles, videos, and more from around the world with News features on Search. On Search, Google helps you access results from a broad range of publishers.

When you search for a topic that’s in the news, Google algorithms organize specific stories and articles based on factors like relevance, prominence, and authoritativeness of the publisher. These results are not personalized, but you can refine your search terms to find additional information.

Top stories

When Google Search detects a news-oriented search, you’ll find “Top stories” as a primary search result. "Top stories" features articles related to the search and a link to more related articles on the News tab. Results for “Top stories” are selected algorithmically.

News tab of Search

When you search for news on Google, the News tab filters search results to show relevant news articles. The News tab displays more articles than a regular search query and  results are selected algorithmically.

New Publisher Center

Google launched a new Publisher Center interface to help publishers easily manage how their content appears across Google News surfaces. Read more on this FAQ page and our blog post.

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