Upload RePub files

This page contains information on how to upload a new issue in RePub format.

Before uploading content for a new title, you'll need to fill out and return your settings workbook to your account manager. The magazine will then be set up in Google Play Newsstand Producer, and your account manager will provide you with the URL to access the magazine so you can begin uploading.

Important: Please be sure to provide your account manager with production contact information in case of any issues.

Step 1. Upload the RePub file

  1. In Google Play Newsstand Producer, go to Edition Settings.
  2. Select the magazine title from the first drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  3. Select the specific issue (e.g., May 2012) from the second drop-down menu.
  4. Click Sections in the side navigation menu.
  5. Select Advanced Import.
  6. Select RePub as the file type from the drop-down menu.
  7. Click the Choose File button to select your RePub file.
  8. Give your section a name.
  9. Check the boxes for all Android devices and the Web Reader.
  10. Click the Create button.
  11. Wait for the notification that says "Uploading and importing file..." to disappear.

Step 2. Select and upload preview and cover images

Learn more about cover and preview image requirements.

Step 2a. Select preview and cover JPEG images

Select five preview image files and save them in a folder you'll remember. Name them numerically in order (e.g., 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, 4.jpg, 5.jpg).

  • If using Adobe InDesign: Selecting and downloading your preview images can be done by going to File > Export option. In the dialog box that appears, select JPEG, high quality, and 300dpi. This can be done from the print Adobe InDesign files.

Step 2b. Upload the cover image

  1. Click Edition Settings on the side navigation menu.
  2. Expand the Cover Image settings.
  3. Click the Choose File button and select the cover image you downloaded in Step 1.
  4. Click the Update button.

Step 2c. Upload the preview images (in order)

  1. Click on Edition Settings on the left navigation menu.
  2. Expand the Preview Images settings. (Important: Don't upload a "promotional cover image.")
  3. Click the Choose File button, navigate to the folder you created in Step 1, and choose the first image.
  4. Wait for the image to be uploaded (you'll see a thumbnail of the image when it's ready), then repeat to upload the remaining images.
  5. If you make a mistake, you can remove or reorder images after you're done.
  6. Click the Update button.

Step 3. Review the magazine content

Once the RePub file has been uploaded, it may take several hours for processing to complete before it can be viewed in the Google Play Newsstand Producer simulator or on Android devices.

Use Android devices or the Google Play Newsstand Producer simulator to verify that the magazine content looks correct. If you use the simulator, you must use landscape mode in order to view all of the pages.

If there's a problem found in the original RePub file, delete the section and repeat steps 1-3 with the updated files.

You may still see a Text Version section in the section. Do not delete it. This is normal.
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